Neyaskweyahk Arena

  • Location:

    Maskwacis, AB

  • Published On:

    January 14, 2017

  • Nominated By:

    Randy Ermineskin

1. How would you describe your community’s passion and spirit for hockey?

We have a very successful minor hockey system in Canada for our First Nations peoples. We have always found ways to use our own funds to make our programs work. Neyaskweyahk or Ermineskin as it is also known as, has produced many Jr. A and Jr. B hockey players. The community has always supported the sport of hockey since the game was first played on outdoor rinks. There are two arenas in Maskwacis and Neyaskweyahk Arena had to be built to accommodate the increasing number of youth going into the sport of hockey. The parents of the hockey players are a strong influence on the success of minor hockey. Many of the parents are involved in parent fan booster clubs and take pride in having their children play organized sports.

2. What arena project would most benefit from the prize money? Please specifically identify how the $100,000 might be used to upgrade your arena and the impact this would have on your community

There are many projects that would benefit the Ermineskin community at the Neyaskweyahk Arena. We would fix up the front lobby and put proper seating in; the dressing rooms to be renovated and improved; improve the lighting within the arena and make them more energy efficient. We would spend as follows: New lighting = $10,000.00-$15,000.00 Lobby improvement = $30,000.00 Dressing room renovations = $55,000.00 The spectators and community members who come to watch at our arena would be more comfortable when watching hockey. It would be a huge impact at our facility and we could accommodate more elders to come out and watch hockey as well.

3. Why should your community be the next Kraft Hockeyville?

The community of Ermineskin would be honoured to be the next Kraft Hockeyville because: 1. A First Nations hockey arena should be nominated 2. Our Minor Hockey system has been going since the 1970's 3. It would be a real encouragement for the local hockey players to see any improvement to existing arenas

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