Didsbury Memorial Complex

  • Location:

    Didsbury, AB

  • Published On:

    February 02, 2017

  • Nominated By:

    Kathleen Windsor

1. How would you describe your community’s passion and spirit for hockey?

The passion for hockey in Didsbury is passed from generation to generation. My father-in-law played hockey in Didsbury and he's now 88. My grandkids love to skate; the sport crosses all generations in our town. Kids in Didsbury get so excited when mom or dad or the teacher says "Let's go skating!" When Didsbury parents are looking to buy a new car, they always look for one that will hold all the hockey gear. That's a must! And the first time their child tries to lift the hockey bag into that new smelling car ... you can feel their excitement. We have two rinks in our Sports Complex. Besides our Minor Hockey teams, we have a fantastic Junior B team, the Mountainview Colts. The stands are full for their games, they won the Heritage Cup last year, and they're leading the Heritage Jr B League right now. I write articles about the Colts on MyDidsbury.ca and get e-mails from people telling me if I haven't got last night's score up quick enough for them. Fans are definitely passionate!

2. What arena project would most benefit from the prize money? Please specifically identify how the $100,000 might be used to upgrade your arena and the impact this would have on your community

The arena boards at the Didsbury Memorial Complex are in need of replacement. The current boards have been in place for decades and are worn out, and are at risk of becoming a safety issue to our users in the future. The $100,000 from Kraft would be used to replace our main ice boards to ensure that we remain a safe place for all ages to play and enjoy hockey.

3. Why should your community be the next Kraft Hockeyville?

Thousands of people use the Didsbury Memorial Complex each month and it is important that it remain at the heart of the community. Plus, Didsbury knows how to throw a party. We have a big arts festival in the fall, one of the biggest show & shines in the province, the largest trade show between Red Deer and Calgary, our Canada 150 committee is going nuts with their celebration plans, our Christmas Helpers program has been going on for over 30 years, the music program in our schools is second to none (and other towns will agree about that!), plus ... we want Kraft Hockeyville here. Didsbury should be the next Kraft Hockeyville simply because we know EVERYone will get involved. We know it! We want to show you our town, we will make you feel at home here. Guaranteed!

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